The CRX6 is a 4wd rally raid vehicle built to full FIA spec. It features a 7.0L V8 LS7 motor and Sadev drivetrain. The vehicle is sold race ready for any FIA event yet can be spec’d to any customer’s specific requirements.


A combination of years of research and development has been used to produce the ultimate 2wd rally raid vehicle built to full FIA spec. The CR5 makes use of the latest technologies and custom made components designed and made in house specifically for this car.


The CR4 is a two-wheel drive vehicle designed and built in South Africa by the Century Racing under Julien Hardy, team manager and chief designer. Built in just six months, the CR4 was an evolution from the previous CR2 which was very successful in its own right.


Colin took over the CR3 from Mark in the later part of the 2010 season, sticking the car on Pole in the 1st race he entered with it. He repeated that 2 races later, but again reliability issues were the cause of much frustration after retiring in the lead.


Having been built to full Dakar spec, the CR2 had a difficult start, rolling in its 1st test session, but going on to win the 1st race it completed, the Sun City 400 later that year. The CR2 started out as a Dakar prototype with a full closed cockpit and long range fuel cell. Now it has evolved into a competitive Class P racer.


The CR1 debuted in the 1st race of 2008 with Mark Corbett behind the wheel. The car was never really a success due to big lack of reliability. Raw pace was above the opposition but the car never made it to the finish line that year despite almost winning the 2nd race of the season.